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Music is my only friend.

Okay so clearly I’m a Demi fan, and by default I guess that makes me a little bit bias when it comes to my opinion on the x factor. I get a little bit defensive when I see the other judges hating on her and in the heat of the moment it frustrates me. It also kinda pisses me off that Fifth Harmony keeps on sing Demi songs. But I do however realize that they are singing top songs so if America voted for that song, then that make Demi all the more incredible. That means its not just her Lovatics that like her music, its everybody. And as far as judging (trying to be non bias) but let them be. I know it can be annoying that they bicker and so forth but I mean really they are doing their job like every other person in the world. No two people do the same job the exact same way. It is the same for judging, you look at any live show and you will notice that no two people judge the same way. So when people hate on one specific judge, its honestly not far. You can have your favorites, I know I have mine, but there is no reason to be cruel.

I was scrolling through newsfeed on multiple different websites and I am seeing something truly disheartening and sickening. When someone goes through an eating disorder, and self harm, its much more than that. It consumes a person. It is such a hard thing to do, to take responsibility, to get help, and to pull through it and inspiring so many others to do the same. I’ll be damned if that is not more than incredible. Somebody so strong, whether famous or not its an incredible thing. And from personal experience, the fight never stops. So when you get angry at somebody on your TV. Think twice before you go write on the internet that somebody should go back to rehab and deserves to die or be broken. What does that make you? The effect that those words can have on somebody even years down the road after recovery can mess a person up big time. So before you just get angry, think about your actions and words and what you say online and to people. Please never wish people to go back to that state where they are very sick. Until you go through what they go through an realize how bad it hurts, don’t say it. You honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I hope that those people wishing that on Demi read this and next time, think about deleting it and thinking twice before they click send. If not then I have two words for you. FUCK YOU.